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A shirtless recruit committed to Clemson while chopping down a tree to the 'Top Gun' soundtrack

What a world.

You probably had not heard of Logan Rudolph prior to Friday night, but you should. The four-star recruit just committed to Clemson via a Twitter video of him chopping a tree while shirtless and in thigh-freeing shorts with "Danger Zone" blaring.

Rudolph is a defensive end from Rock Hill, S.C., who picked the Tigers over a slew of offers from big-time Power 5 programs, including Alabama, Florida State, Michigan, and Notre Dame.

Presumably, he will major in '80s movie parodies and/or advertising, given how well he can replicate the exact ethos of an Old Spice commercial.

This announcement of a commitment may not be able to be topped without a live animal, fire, or some combination of both, and those things sound dangerous, so let's just make this the high bar and save ourselves the trouble of trying to clear it, okay?