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Recruit pulls off incredible achievement: decommitting from Iowa for the 3rd time

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2017 three-star Iowa defensive tackle Juan Harris has now decommitted from the Hawkeyes three different times in the course of a year and a half. Three decommits from three different schools has been pulled off before, but accomplishing it three times with a single program is a rare feat.

A timeline of the 6'4, 368-pounder:

  • December 2014: Harris commits to Iowa over Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin. He’s quoted as saying, "What type of man would I be if I commit, then decommit?" (That sounds funny in retrospect, but all high schoolers say regrettable things at all hours. Source: was a high schooler.)
  • January 2015: Harris decommits from Iowa, citing family disagreement. According to 247Sports, he names Alabama, Ohio State and Oregon as his top three "despite not having offers from any of the three schools." (Still well within the bounds of things high schoolers say.)
  • January 2015: Harris commits to Iowa, saying his family is on the same page now.
  • March 2015: Harris decommits from Iowa shortly after claiming a Michigan offer, saying, "I'm going to wait things out." (Wise.)
  • June 2015: Harris commits to Iowa, tweeting, "Blessed and honored to say I am officially committing to The University Of Iowa."
  • June 2016: Harris decommits from Iowa, tweeting, "I want to thank the Iowa staff for being true and supportive of me this past year. I am de-committing and going to re-evaluate." (Good to do so.)

Being a high schooler is hard. Being a high schooler facing a public career decision is pretty hard, too, not that I’d know anything about doing that. So, while this is surely frustrating for Iowa fans and coaches, these things happen. They don’t happen to this degree and frequency, but they happen.

At this point, our Iowa blog was left with no option other than creating a Juan Harris Commit/Decommit Mad Libs.

Congratulations in advance on his signing with the Hawkeyes, because he's just done the most Kirk Ferentz thing of all: gone for three.


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