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Angry Rutgers fans vandalize field to protest Jim Harbaugh's recruiting in New Jersey

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I woke up Wednesday to an odd email, which appears to have been sent to a bunch of media members who cover college football. The subject line was "Go Home Mr. Harbaugh."

A group of self-identified Rutgers students in the "2016-17 class" are upset about Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh's aggressive recruiting push in Rutgers' home state of New Jersey.

The Wolverines landed the top prospect in the country this year from New Jersey's Paramus Catholic, along with four of the state's other top-10 prospects. Harbaugh is both giving Gary's school's commencement speech and holding a satellite camp there this week. (The school is even visiting Ann Arbor to play a game.)

These Rutgers fans are not happy about this. They call themselves the "Order of Bulls Blood," and they sent along pictures of some unusual, Rutgers-centric vandalism they performed on Paramus Catholic's field.

There's this creepy, horror movie kind of thing:

And this harrowing bit of sketching:

(SB Nation does not endorse vandalism and also thinks this is pretty weird.)

The Bulls Blood folks also sent along this poem, which someone pointed out has a message within:

There was also this:

Michigan has began a war with Rutgers University. Our Order, represented by some of Rutgers elite student leaders, see it fit that this rivalry be hereby declared.

We have had enough of Michigan. Fence the Garden was brought forth because of Mr. Harbaugh, and us Scarlet Knights are ready to protect our state. We R battle ready.

Tonight sparked the beginning of the end for Wolverine Football, and no longer will they return to their former glory. The Curse of The Bambino reigned for 86 years, Michigan's will last for 28.

I just don't know.

(Five friends at Rutgers reportedly established the Order of Bulls Blood in 1834, making it "the oldest active secret society at Rutgers University." Hat tip to PenthouseTiger in the comments section.)

Update: You're on notice, secret societies.