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4-star recruit announced his commitment to FSU via a Lamborghini

That's got to be the most expensive prop ever used in a commitment.

Bud Elliott / SB Nation

Virginia running back Khalan Laborn made news on Friday night by committing to Florida State at Nike's The Opening in Oregon. But that was expected: the high four-star prospect -- Virginia's top-rated 2017 recruit -- was seen as a Seminoles lean for quite some time, and is following the footsteps of fellow Virginia stud Levonta Taylor, who committed to FSU as the state's best player in the 2016 cycle.

More unexpected? Laborn arriving at The Opening in an FSU-stickered Lamborghini.

Where one finds an FSU-themed Lamborghini -- or a Lamborghini whose owner is cool with the application of temporary FSU decals, in fairness -- in Oregon would, yes, be worth questioning. SB Nation's Bud Elliott, who is out at The Opening, tells us that the most obvious possibility is the right one: it came from a rental company.

The sheer bravado inherent in using a six-figure car to show your commitment to a school, though? That's for marveling at, not questioning.