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Georgia commit Zamir White is so good, his defender tried to throw his shoe in the stands

Hey, it’s a pretty smart idea!

Well, here’s one way to try to stop one of the most talented running back recruits in the country. During a Friday night game between Scotland County and Seventy-First in North Carolina, running back and 2017 Georgia commit Zamir White lost his shoe on a play. Hilariously, the defender who tried to tackle him ended up with just White’s shoe instead. He then tried to chuck the shoe into the stands.

White would’ve had to sit out for a play, but his team smartly called a timeout instead so it could keep using him.

White, rated by 247Sports as the No. 1 overall running back in the country, is from Laurinburg, N.C., and he’s been verbally committed to Georgia since June. But back to #shoegate — let’s take a closer look and break this thing down. Here’s the moment White lost his shoe — the defender tried to grab him by the ankle and failed to bring him down.

White went another 15 yards without a shoe before being pushed out of bounds. Here’s when White’s shoe-stealer chucks it up toward the stands of his own sideline:

Hey, if I had to defend White myself I’d probably do the same thing.

According to his MaxPreps profile, White during his high school career has rushed for 6,173 yards, and a whopping 109 touchdowns. Looks like Georgia will continue to produce exceptional running back talent for the years to come with White being Athens-bound. The senior running back will join five-star quarterback Justin Fields in 2018, who just committed to Kirby Smart’s class 11 days ago.

Thank you, Seventy-First defender, for this hilarious moment in high school football.