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How 5-star DT Aubrey Solomon makes Michigan even scarier

He’s a five-star DT with the quickness to wreak havoc on college offensive lines.

2017 is a down year as far as elite defensive tackle recruits are concerned, but five-star Aubrey Solomon is well worth the hype. The 6’3, 288-pounder is the No. 2 DT prospect in the country and the No. 3 prospect in the state of Georgia. He’s also the 25th-ranked player in the 247Sports Composite overall, making him the second-highest-rated player to commit on Signing Day.

After decommitting from Michigan, he’s now recommitted to the Wolverines in a Signing Day ceremony.

Solomon has speed in space.

That adage is typically reserved for small skill players, but the big boys can have it, too. They just have it in a more confined space. He moves quite well in the phone booth. Did you just blink? Well I regret to inform you that you may have missed Solomon getting out of his stance at the line of scrimmage.

Solomon could have a field day as a three-technique because of the nature of some of the power and counter runs offenses employ. He can shoot the gap left by a vacating pulling guard, and chase a rusher down from the backside before a tackle can block down on him. He can also affect double teams in zone running schemes by taking two blockers on and not letting one peel off to go to the second level. Either way, his quickness at the point of attack is what jumps off the screen whenever you watch him.

He does need to develop more consistency in college, but that will come when competition level rises. Solomon isn’t going against offensive linemen he knows he can dominate by just lining up opposite them.

So, where’s Solomon best fit?

That was the million-dollar question as we zeroed in on Signing Day. Our national recruiting analyst Bud Elliott wasn’t sure exactly where Solomon would go.

I have no idea where he will go. Solomon told me during the Army All-American Bowl week that Alabama leads, but he has changed his visit plans around several times. Michigan and Georgia do not think they are out of this race, despite his unflattering comments about the Wolverines. Solomon might be truly torn, or he may be trying to create some drama for his final call. I am going to go with Michigan, but my confidence is low.

It is relatively rare for a kid to decommit from a school and then re-pledge, but Solomon has done it. Now, a defensive line with both Solomon and last year’s No. 1 recruit, DT Rashan Gary, on it isn’t just a possibility. It is now a very tangible reality, so have fun blocking that for the next few seasons.