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Watch the trailer for 'Friday Night Lights' director's new series on 3 top 2017 QB recruits

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New QBs for Ohio State, Georgia, and Wake Forest appear prominently in a 10-part series.

Friday Night Lights was a well-regarded TV show about high school football players and the fictional town they lived in. The director of NBC’s long-ago drama, Pete Berg, is dipping his toe back into football, with a documentary series FNL fans might like.

Here’s a look at the trailer:

Trailer: Pete Berg's 'Beyond the Lights' follows top QBs

The creator of Friday Night Lights has a documentary series that follows new QBs for Georgia, Ohio State, and Wake Forest. Check it out.

Posted by SB Nation College Football on 2hb Februari 2017

The series, for starters, is called QB1 — the same position once played by Jason Street of the Dillon Panthers, and by Matt Saracen after Street was catastrophically paralyzed in the FNL pilot episode. But QB1 is real, not fake, and follows around three college recruits who’ve just recently signed with their new schools.

Berg’s camera crew follows Ohio State signee Tate Martell, Georgia signee Jake Fromm, and Wake Forest signee Tayvon Bowers. Martell played in high school in Las Vegas, Fromm in Georgia, and Bowers in Pennsylvania.

The 10-part series will premiere Feb. 15 on go90, a Verizon streaming site and app. (The trailer’s over there, too). The show will be available to everyone, so you don’t need a Verizon subscription, and Verizon customers can stream the show on the app without having it count against their mobile data.

“This is most certainly a passion project for me and everyone involved in QB1,” says Berg in a statement. “It’s intimate and soulful and takes us deep inside the hearts and minds of these young men who are faced with an unknown future – one that is filled with anticipation, anxiety, excitement and fear. And yet, they need to be fearless in the face of it all to succeed. It’s the kind of narrative that pulls no punches, and I am proud to tell these personal and very compelling stories.”