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This is FSU's honey-fried chicken, which helped land No. 1 DT Marvin Wilson

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Good afternoon, friends. We need to talk about this extremely good fried chicken provided by Florida State.

This is more than just your garden variety food erotica. It is, perhaps, the most effective recruiting tactic the Seminoles have ever devised. SB Nation recruiting analyst (and Florida State grad) Bud Elliott says the chicken has been a thing since the days of Bobby Bowden, but Jimbo Fisher had at one point banned it citing nutrition concerns.

It’s obviously back now, but reserved for special occasions, according to FSU sports dietitian Kayli Hrdlicka.

It's served during the season on the Monday after a victory. She said it's part of a family night involving FSU's coaches, players, support staff and their families. If FSU wins, the dining hall will serve both honey fried chicken and crab legs.

If you’re a salty-sweet guy like me, this is too good to pass up. It’s not a rarity to see these two put together either. The fast food restaurant Whataburger serves fried chicken with honey butter on a biscuit because the south make it better than wherever the hell you live. You can try it at home if you’d like. Fair warning: this is a decidedly Yankee recipe.

As a recruiting tool, FSU landed the No. 6 recruiting class in the country in the 247Sports Composite, perhaps the most important signee was Marvin Wilson. Wilson is the No. 1 DT in the country, and the No. 6 player in the country. He is one of two elite DT prospects this recruiting cycle in a year largely devoid of them. He also committed with custom Jordans.

He raved about this chicken, and you’re not going to argue with this hoss when it comes to food.

"The best meal I had by far was when I was at Florida State,” he said “They had this thing called 'honey fried chicken.' I was like, 'that sounds kinda suspect,’ so you know I got like one piece. I bit into that one piece of chicken and went and grabbed the pan and put it on the table. We killed that whole pan of honey fried chicken. That's probably the best chicken I've ever had in my life.”

Wilson also responded to Friday’s chicken tweet.

The Noles have the coaching staff, facilities, and all the championship pedigree one can want to show off on the recruiting trail. But when it comes down to it, they also have this salty-sweet culinary cornucopia. It’s an ace in the hole that any school would love to have.

It seems to be working on 2018 prospects, too, like Wilson’s former teammate, receiver Jaylen Waddle.