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Greatest commitment video ever? 4-star becomes superhero to pick Duke

This deserves an Oscar.

OK, this might be the best college recruit commitment video I have ever seen. On Tuesday, four-star defensive end Tahj Rice announced his verbal commitment to Duke in a video posted by the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Rice, who is from Louisville, uses a superhero theme for his video and chooses the Blue Devils over Oregon, USC, Virginia Tech, and Louisville.

Let’s break this thing down, because there is a lot happening here.

The video opens with a newspaper headline that reads “T-Nasty is on the loose, where will he go next, can he save the day?” It appears that T-Nasty is a superhero.

Rice then is summoned into some type of authority figure’s office and is asked to find who T-Nasty is. We then learn with another headline in the paper that there is a beauty queen being held hostage, and it’s up to one of the four schools to rescue her.

Next is when things get real.

We see the beauty queen with her hands tied, trying to get rescued by someone we haven’t seen yet, in an unidentified T-shirt. Then we see guys wearing the shirts of Rice’s school choices. Oregon is zapped away by some sort of superhero lasers emitting from the first dude’s hands. Oregon is out for Rice.

The same is done to USC and Virginia Tech, leaving just Louisville and Duke.

The Louisville-shirt-wearing superhero takes out the guy from the beginning, and it looks like the Cardinals are the team for Rice.

BUT THEN! We see Louisville native Rice come into the picture, and he says, in superhero fashion, “Nope. That’s not how this one ends,” as he unveils a Duke shirt underneath his button-down. In an epic final battle, Rice wipes out the Louisville guy and saves the day.

She calls him T-Nasty and says she “knew he’d be the one.” Folks, Rice was the superhero T-Nasty all along. He then proceeds to untie her hands by using lasers from his eyes. His eyes!

Rice discussed his decision to pass up his hometown school in an interview with

“I mean, I’m from Louisville. They have a good team, a great team. But I wanna get out there. I want to see more things, and the education, education-wise, you can’t really get any better for mixing education and football than Duke.”

Rice added that Louisville finished as a “very close” second to Duke, but finishing second only gets you obliterated by bolts of blue electricity.