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Ohio State misspelled a top WR recruit's name. Laugh, but hope your team doesn't do it too

Typos happen, but when they happen, they must be laughed at.

College athletic recruiting is one of those archaic industries where important correspondence is still sent out via physical, three-dimensional mail. I’m betting most 16-to-18-year-old kids have opened between one and five pieces of stamped mail in their lives, but alas, they get them from football teams all the time.

Sometimes, letters can go awry.

Pine Forest (Fla.) wide receiver Jacob Copeland is one of 2018’s most sought recruits. In the still-early national ranking at the 247Sports Composite, Copeland is the No. 45 player in the country and the No. 9 receiver.

He already has listed scholarship offers from every national power in the sport, more or less: the Alabamas, the Florida States, the Clemsons, the Ohio States, and on and on.

Typos happen.

I made one just this morning, minutes before writing this post. (I hope there are none in this blog. That’d sure be a disastr disaster.)

Recruiting is just about the weirdest part of America’s weirdest sport, however, and typos can become a big deal.

Just last year, a five-star defensive lineman decommitted from Michigan, citing a misspelled name in recruiting materials as one of his reasons. That player later re-committed to the Wolverines, so their fans can point and laugh at Ohio State’s mistake.

For now.