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The NFL Network might’ve cost TCU a 4-star recruit. Wait, what?

The network dipped its toe into amateur football, and according to one report, accidentally made a wave.

Ja’Marr Chase Student Sports

A televised commitment ceremony is a big deal for a high school athlete. When four-star WR Ja’Marr Chase was offered the chance to commit during the NFL Network’s July 3 broadcast of the 7-on-7 championship at The Opening Finals, he delayed his announcement, which he’d set for his grandmother’s July 2 birthday.

The Louisiana native was widely expected to pick TCU over LSU.

And then the NFL Network bumped his announcement.

It later blamed a game delay, despite having added a surprise commitment by defensive lineman Greg Emerson (Tennessee) to its broadcast.

Otherwise, Chase had an excellent weekend at The Opening.

247Sports’ Barton Simmons on the potential fallout:

While that's a bummer for Chase, the real loser here is TCU. The tea leaves were indicating that Gary Patterson was likely to land Chase over the home-state LSU Tigers had he committed on schedule. However, Chase was so good at The Opening and his stock has shot up so much that it now looks like he's going to take a step back and re-evaluate his options. If TCU ends up losing Chase to LSU or some other national power, they can thank the NFL Network for the sabotage.

Days later, LSU analysts aren’t exactly giving up on him, and the NFL Network has said it’s going to try to have him commit on Total Access.

So why was the NFL Network airing a high school event to begin with?

Well, it’s football in July, and many of these players are future pros, and stars like Ndamukong Suh and Trent Williams were on hand.

Also, it’s football in July.