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ECU's amazing pirate theme tops 2018's football recruit offer letter rankings

Do: use pirate scrolls if you’re the Pirates. Don’t: use Times New Roman, for crying out loud.

Aug. 1 is the first day college football coaches can send written scholarship offers to recruits in the class of 2018. Thousands of players already have verbal offers, and hundreds are already committed to schools. Nothing’s official until a school sends a player a National Letter of Intent to sign and fax back on National Signing Day.

But this is more official, because at least everything’s in writing. If a player doesn’t get one, it’s an indicator that a school isn’t serious about his recruitment. And for those who do get them, it’s absolutely good and fine to celebrate.

Thanks to the recruits who’ve shared them throughout the day on Tuesday, we have a chance to evaluate teams’ offer graphics. Here are offer letter collections from 2015 and 2013. The formats on these have become more cutting-edge over time.

Offers that would make me want to sign immediately

1. The East Carolina Pirates have danged pirate scrolls. Let’s go:

It’s come to my attention that the word “scholarship” is misspelled here. That’s forgivable, because the idea itself is so pure and otherwise well executed.

2. Duke’s offers are extremely Duke. I don’t endorse Duke as a place, but the Blue Devils get points for being as on brand as anyone in the country:

3. Georgia’s offers have some cool effects:

4. Utah’s got the Rocky Mountains. Point, Utah:

5. Florida’s graphics are dope. I’m ready to chomp right into my scholarship offer.

6. Just a fan, in general, of Houston’s red:

These are extremely millennial and thus fine.

7. Maryland, for its use of the 100 emoji:

8. Texas A&M, for its highly convincing iPhone caller ID of Kevin Sumlin:

Are you seriously using Times New Roman?

9. Iowa State really might be. I’m not sure. Is that bolded TNR? Good god:

10. Alabama can do what it wants, but come on now:

Italicized, all-caps Comic Sans isn’t any better.

11. What’s your deal, Clemson? Really, what is your deal?

(I’m not sure if that’s really Comic Sans, but then, that’s not the point.)

I can’t read this because your font or background is odd.

12. Oh, man:

13. Kentucky’s blocky blue font needs to settle down:

14. Please, Georgia Tech, make your words smaller on my screen: