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The 28 most talented college football games of 2017 per the recruiting rankings

The Crootletter focuses on recruiting-related college football coverage for SB Nation.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Louisiana State Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Last week as part of our college football preview, I debuted the 2017 edition of the Blue-Chip Ratio, which forecasts the group of teams with the requisite recruited talent to win the national title.

While less important, I thought it would be fun for Crootletter readers to see which games have the highest combined Blue-Chip Ratio between the two teams. I found 28 that met the 50 percent mark.

Alabama is featured seven times, thanks to its 80 percent ratio number, which averaged with anything over 20 percent is good enough to make the list.

LSU shows up five times, while Florida State and Georgia make four appearances. The Big 12 does not have a single team making an appearance against another Big 12 team.


“I was getting Michigan, who was really wanting to do it with us, and we were interested in doing it with [Harbaugh], but then they already had a camp scheduled that day, we found out,” Fritz said. “We didn’t know if Coach Harbaugh was gonna be able to come here, and obviously he was the draw, you know? When that occurred, I got back with LSU, and we talked immediately. I wanted to do it with LSU first, and I’m glad it ended up working out.”