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Football players named BOOMER keep going to Oklahoma schools that aren’t Oklahoma


Grayson Boomer.
Grayson Boomer.
SB Nation

The Early Signing Day is a big day for every program in college football. Not only are teams building up their own rosters of the future. They’re also trying hard to prevent their rivals from building up theirs as they want to, because they’re competing for the same players a lot of the time. As the two big programs in Oklahoma, OU and OSU are in that boat.

So there will never be a bigger Signing Day win than this one:

The first player to fax his National Letter of Intent to Oklahoma State on Wednesday is named Grayson Boomer.

Yeah, that’s GRAYSON BOOMER.

Like the University of Oklahoma’s fight song and rallying cry:

He’s a four-star tight end from Collinsville, Okla., rated the No. 8 tight end in the class on the industry-consensus 247Sports Composite. He’s a big, smooth pass-catcher who showed out last summer at The Opening Finals in North Texas.

There hasn’t been a better tight end acquisition since the Eagles traded up to draft a tight end named Dallas Goedert one pick ahead of the Cowboys at the NFL Draft in Dallas the same day everyone found out future Hall of Fame Cowboys TE Jason Witten was retiring.

Grayson Boomer’s commitment adds to a troubling trend for Oklahoma of Oklahoma-bred players named Boomer not going to Oklahoma.

There’s only one college football player in the entire Sports Reference database with the last name Boomer. That’s Tulsa QB Seth, who had nine TD passes this year.

(Yes, they are brothers.)

It might seem like OU’s doing fine, but the Sooners should fix this immediately. They’re getting out-Boomered.