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Jadon Haselwood is committed to Georgia ‘until further notice’

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Auburn, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Florida State, and Miami are still recruiting him hard.

Jadon Haselwood

FRISCO, Texas — “I’m solid, until further notice,” Jadon Haselwood said of his commitment to Georgia, chuckling.

The Ellenwood (Georgia) Cedar Grove receiver is the top pass catcher in the nation. He’s been committed to Georgia for 16 months.

And he says Georgia coaches James Coley, Dale McGee, and Cortez Hankton hit him up “all the time.”

Haselwood also plans to get back to Georgia this summer for visit.

But other schools haven’t stopped recruiting him

“Auburn, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Florida State, and Miami,” he said when asked which schools are trying the hardest to flip him.

“Auburn surprised me,” Haselwood said. “I thought it was watered down at first, but I went down there, checked out the facilities and it was better than I thought.”

Haselwood plans to get back to Auburn this summer, and will be at Miami for its “Paradise Camp” on July 28.

Haselwood has already taken an official visit to Oklahoma.

“It was real windy. I think they had a tornado a few counties over,” he said. “But it was great. I’ve already been to a game there, so I wanted to see other parts of it.”

Other officials he knows of include Georgia, Miami, and Florida State. Tennessee and Auburn are likely competing for the final spot.

What is Haselwood looking for this fall on the field?

“I really don’t pay attention to stats. I just want to see what they run. I want to see if I fit in that offense.”