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BCS Eliminator, Week 5: College football's contenders list now shorter than NFL's

Does your college football team still have a prayer of winning the national championship? Probably not. After one month, we've now hit the point at which more NFL teams are alive for the Super Bowl than college teams are alive for the BCS title.Follow @SBNationCFB Follow @JasonKirkSBN

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Shutdown Fullback on Week 5's biggest achievements!

In this periodical, we're keeping track of which college football teams actually still have a chance at playing for the national title. The number is falling quickly, and this sport is the meanest thing in the world.

First up, a handful of important items:

Performance of the week

Geno Smith. Duh.

His performance also makes the Stat of the Week section useless, as all of the stats were his:

  • Geno Smith was 45-of-51 for 656 yards and eight touchdowns. He set school records for completions, yards and touchdowns in a game and has yet to throw an interception this year. And yes, that's more touchdowns than incompletions.
  • Smith threw for 656 yards against Baylor. The record for a single game is 716 passing yards from Houston's David Klingler against Arizona State in 1991.
  • The game did break the Big 12 scoring record in West Virginia's first game in the conference; the previous mark was 116 total points.

Oh, and he tacked on 31 yards in scrambles and didn't turn the ball over once in 88 plays.

GIF of the week

Oklahoma State's J.W. Walsh messes (very gently) with Texas (trainer Charlie Craven):

Photos of the week

Oh my, the Derek Dooley one:


As always, bold teams are just now joining us, and the week of each team's inclusion is in parentheses.

Air Force (2) Fresno State (2) North Carolina Tulsa (1)

Akron (2) Georgia Tech (4) North Texas (1) UAB (1)

Arizona (5) Hawai'i (1) Northern Illinois (1) UConn (2)

Arkansas (3) Houston (1) Ohio (5) UL Lafayette (3)

Arkansas State (3) Idaho (1) Ohio State UL Monroe (3)

Army (2) Illinois (4) Oklahoma St. (5) UMass (1)

Auburn (4) Indiana (3) Penn State UNLV (1)

Ball State (2) Iowa (4) Pittsburgh (1) Utah (4)

Boise State (4) Kansas (3) Rice (1) Utah State (2)

Boston College (3) Kent State (2) San Diego State (1) UTEP (1)

Bowling Green (3) Kentucky (3) San Jose State (1) UTSA (1)

Buffalo (1) Marshall (3) SMU (3) Vanderbilt (4)

BYU (3) Maryland (4) South Alabama (1) Virginia (4)

California (4) Memphis (1) South Florida (3) Virginia Tech (5)

Central Florida (2) Miami (Ohio) (1) South Florida (4) Wake Forest (5)

CMU (2) Michigan State (5) Southern Miss (1) Washington St. (4)

Colorado (2) MTSU (1) Syracuse (2) Wisconsin (5)

Colorado State (2) N.C. State (5) Temple (2) WKU (2)

East Carolina (2) Navy (3) Texas State (2) WMU (1)

EMU (2) Nevada (2) Toledo (1) Wyoming (1)

FIU (1) New Mexico (2) Troy (2)

Florida Atlantic (3) New Mexico St. (2) Tulane (1)

Michigan State, Virginia Tech and Oklahoma State follow Arkansas as teams ranked in the preseason Top 20 who are now completely out of the running. Perhaps no other team will ever match how far and how hard the Hogs have fallen, but

OSU becomes the first serious Big 12 team (as in, not Kansas) to fall, and that's more to do with their loss to Arizona becoming less forgivable over time (Arizona's a respectable 3-2) than it is to them having two losses. The Big 12 is both good at the top and deep, and it's to the conference's great credit that it's the one least represented on this list.

Potential BCS buster Ohio finally leaves the netherrealm and joins the party, as squeaking out wins against UMass is not going to get it done, not in this or any other fantasy scenario. Only one non-AQ hope remains.

Barely alive

Duke Miami Minnesota Ole Miss

Louisiana Tech Michigan Missouri Tennessee

LA Tech has now taken down Virginia, Illinois and Houston, all on the road. They're 4-0 heading into conference play with a neutral-siter against Air Raid kin Texas A&M still to go. The problem: that conference is the WAC, which this year includes two FBS newcomers. It's entirely wishful thinking to have them anywhere but Eliminated from the get-go, but the Bulldogs deserve more respect than they're getting (No. 32 in the AP poll) right now.

Also, keeping Michigan here really bothers people. It's stupid to have them here. I have no idea why I continue to do it.

Still alive

Alabama Iowa State Oklahoma Texas

Arizona State Kansas State Oregon Texas A&M

Baylor Louisville Oregon State Texas Tech

Cincinnati LSU Purdue UCLA

Clemson Mississippi State Rutgers USC

Florida Nebraska South Carolina Washington

Florida State Northwestern Stanford West Virginia

Georgia Notre Dame TCU

Only 31 teams, or an exact fourth of the country, still have at least a reasonable notion of playing for a national title. Think about that -- after about a month, more NFL teams are alive for the Super Bowl than college football teams are alive for the BCS title game.

See? You can't handle our sport, NFL fan.

Week 6 games between contenders

  • Oklahoma vs. Texas Tech
  • Iowa State vs. TCU
  • LSU vs. Florida
  • West Virginia vs. Texas
  • Georgia vs. South Carolina
  • Washington vs. Oregon

Check the national college football scoreboard right here, and look through SB Nation's many excellent college football blogs to find your team's community.

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