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Ohio State denies Luke Fickell got pizza guy fired

The thing we're all talking about this morning is an Ohio pizza delivery driver no longer being an Ohio pizza delivery driver. This story needs a Nancy Grace hashtag immediately.

Kirk Irwin - Getty Images

A former Columbus pizza delivery driver claims he was fired because he joked about Ohio State's defense to the wife of defensive coordinator Luke Fickell. I guess we're upset about this because COACH GETS KID FIRED sounds like a terrible event, but even based on his side of the story, I'm not sure how a joke like that is at all within the broadest realm of acceptable professionalism.

We can probably come to a better conclusion than, like, Luke Fickell bullying Iacono's into firing the young man, right? This story really should've come out on Wednesday, which was one of the best CONCLUSION-LEAPING days in college football Twitter history, from LSU players not actually blaming their loss to Florida on the heat to Kansas not actually telling a student reporter not to ask Charlie Weis questions and so on.

In my mind, here's how this exchange went down:

"Stranger, I'll give you money for a product."

"Stranger, your husband is bad at his job!"

What do we expect to happen after that?

For what it's worth, Ohio State denies any of this ever happened:

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