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Oregon State vs. BYU 2012 video highlights: Beavers notch another impressive road win

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The Oregon State Beavers got a huge performance from Cody Vaz in relief of Sean Mannion to beat the BYU Cougars and improve to 5-0.

George Frey - Getty Images

The Oregon St. Beavers put together yet another impressive performance this week in beating the BYU Cougars 42-24. Here are the video highlights below.

Oregon State had to replace Sean Mannion this weekend with Cody Vaz. They hardly missed a beat early, as Vaz directed the Beavers down the field on the first drive to an opening score. Vaz connected with Markus Wheaton in the end zone for a 15 yard touchdown to put Oregon State up 7-0. BYU responded with a nice drive where Riley Nelson found Cody Hoffman on a third down conversion and Jamaal Williams punched it in to tie the game.

Back came the Beavers later in the second quarter, as Vaz would connect with Markus Wheaton for their second touchdown connection. BYU would get a short field that would result in Nelson finding Devin Mahina.

In the second half, Storm Woods would march it in the end zone for a 16 yard rushing touchdown. When BYU responded again with a Williams touchdown rush to tie things up, Oregon State would get a crazy tip touchdown that ended in the hands of Colby Prince. A BYU field goal cut the lead to 28-24, but Oregon State would march back down the field with a Markus Wheaton reverse to go up 35-24, and Jordan Poyer would finish things off with a pick-six to close things up.