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2013 SEC football schedule 'has no impact' on future versions

The 2013 SEC football schedule was released Thursday, but it has no bearing on future versions.


Mark Womack, the executive associate commissioner of the Southeastern Conference, said in an interview Thursday that the 2013 SEC football schedule "has no impact" on schedules after next season:

SEC Digital Network: The 2013 SEC football schedule is being termed a "bridge" schedule. What do you mean by that?

Mark Womack: "Instead of having a long-term schedule that is established with who the permanent and rotating opponents are, this is a stand-alone schedule for just 2013 that has no impact on what is going to be agreed upon going forward. It is really to get us through the 2013 year as we look to create a longer-term schedule for 2014 and beyond."

Womack said in the interview they need to "look at the last weekend of the season ... to try to have games for everyone on that last weekend" in order to develop a scheduling model for the long term.

"We need to take a look at the best way to accomplish that and work to see how we can rotate teams on and off the schedule over a 12-year period," he said.

Womack also said, "We tried to move as few of those non-conference games as we possibly could and not have to have any schools break any contracts."

Another challenge was trying to "spread games out" for television purposes so the SEC could "have some quality TV inventory on each and every week."

Womack said the 2013 schedule was put together by all the athletic directors, as well as office members of the SEC.

The 2013 schedule was released on Thursday.