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Wyoming coach rants at Air Force coach after game: 'Mr. F---in' Howdy Doody!'

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Coach rant of the year honors go to Wyoming's Dave Christensen, who peppered Air Force's Troy Calhoun with colorful language over an alleged fake injury ... on Military Appreciation Day, to boot! Air Force won, 28-27.


From the above item, which comes via Dr. Saturday:

Wyoming coach Dave Christensen: "F--- youuu! No, that's f---in', faked a f---in' injury! Nice ethics, man!"

Air Force coach Troy Calhoun: "What do you mean?"

Christensen: "Lay on the ground, he f---in' walks 20 yards, I'm f---in' scared to death I had a f---er like you to [something]. F---in' [something]. That's [something] f---in' ethics. Yeah, right, look at me, Mr. Howdy Doody! Get in your f---in' locker room!"

[pleas for rant stoppage]

Christensen: "That's f---in' bullshit! You have no f---in' ethics, Troy! No f---in' integrity! Woooooooooo! Oh, get in your f---in' press conference, fly boy!"

And here's the apology from Wyoming:

"I want to apologize to Wyoming fans, the Mountain West Conference and the game of college football for my actions and for the comments that I made after our game against Air Force," Christensen said. "I let my emotions, my passion for our football program and the frustrations of the first half of the season get the best of me, and my actions reflected negatively on our program.

"I have always tried to teach the young men in our program the importance of sportsmanship in our game, and with that said, I believe it is important to let them know that when you do make a mistake you need to stand up and take responsibility for your actions. That is what I am doing with this apology."

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