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Nebraska asks UCF for Ohio State game film

In the wake of an incident in which Michigan State accused Ohio State of doctoring game film, Nebraska has asked UCF for their film from their game against the Buckeyes.

Gregory Shamus - Getty Images

Over the weekend, it was reported that Ohio State might have provided late and allegedly doctored game film to Michigan State. The Spartans filed a Big Ten complaint on the matter, and not much else was said, other than a former Florida staffer saying that Urban Meyer never doctored film while there. On Tuesday, there's a bit of fallout, as UCF head football coach George O'Leary revealed in a press conference that Nebraska asked them for their Ohio State film.


"You're supposed to send whatever you film out. I guess there was some problem in the Big Ten? Nebraska called for our tape. I don't know what's going on there. You're supposed to show everything. What happened was you're supposed to show from the huddle out so you see everything taking place. I guess some people are cutting out some motions and things like that. They're showing the end result, not the beginning of how he got to that."

In other words: Nebraska, Ohio State's next opponent on Saturday, is going to another source for official game tape from the Buckeyes' Week 2 game against UCF. Judging by that quote, it seems as though the initial complaints from the Ohio State tape likely revolved around not having pre-snap shifts or possibly having improper angles.

Initial reports suggested that the matter between Ohio State and Michigan State has already been solved by the schools' athletic directors, but Nebraska going elsewhere for the game film certainly means that not everybody is convinced that the issue is totally put to rest.