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College football rankings: BCS computer has Alabama behind Florida, Kansas State

The Alabama Crimson Tide may be the undisputed No. 1 team in the country in most polls, but the Sagarin ELO_Chess computer ranking used in the BCS formula has the Tide ranked third behind the Florida Gators and the Kansas St. Wildcats. The ELO_Chess formula does not take margin of victory into account.

Florida and Kansas State vaulted ahead of Alabama based on the strength of their schedules so far. Florida already has wins over Texas A&M, LSU, and South Carolina, while Kansas State has notched victories over Oklahoma and West Virginia, and a respectable win over Iowa State. Alabama's only notable win this season is a victory over Michigan.

The Tide will face Mississippi State, LSU and Texas A&M in the coming weeks, so if they go undefeated through those games, they would probably rise back to No. 1. It's not a reason to panic yet for Tide fans, but simply a confirmation that KSU and Florida have played tougher schedules so far.

Here are the top-10 teams:

1. Florida
2. Kansas State
3. Alabama
4. LSU
5. Notre Dame
6. Oregon State
7. Oregon
8. Oklahoma
9. Ohio State
10. South Carolina