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Florida State-Miami referees get suspension, reprimands by ACC

The ACC has punished its officials for calls made in Saturday's game between Miami and Florida State.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The ACC has reprimanded the officials that worked last Saturday's game between Miami and Florida State, and has suspended the head official for one game, the conference announced Monday. The punishment centered around a false start penalty near the end of the first half, where the refs incorrectly penalized Florida State with a ten-second runoff.

FSU fans will be very happy about this.

Florida State coaches protested the run-off, as the team still possessed a timeout. The Hurricanes had already gone into the locker room, and had to be called back out for an FSU field goal to cap the half.

The runoff error wasn't the only controversial call from Saturday's game. Florida State was called for a number of questionable offensive passing interference penalties, and overall was penalized far more than the Hurricanes. The Seminoles were able to overcome the officiating and a slow start to win, 33-20, and take first place in the ACC Atlantic division.

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