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UCF going bowling (probably): NCAA appeal not until January

The NCAA won't rule on UCF's appeal on its postseason ban until January, which means the Knights will most likely be postseason eligible this season.

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

The NCAA won't rule on the University of Central Florida's postseason ban appeal until late January, according to George O'Leary, which means the Knights will be eligible for the postseason (so long as they win one more game) and to compete for a Conference USA title.

If the postseason ban is upheld, UCF would have to sit out the postseason in 2013 -- its first year in the Big East. O'Leary:

"I was told last week that the hearing will be Jan. 24, which that's what I thought it would be," O'Leary said. "I think it's great news for our team, it's great news for our fan base."

When UCF was dealt multiple sanctions by the NCAA, including a men's basketball postseason ban and loss of scholarships in football and men's basketball, school president John Hitt appealed, arguing UCF, "gained no competitive advantage in football."

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