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Bomani & Jones: How to get out of a buyout

Iowa and Auburn both have the same problem -- tenured head coaches.

They're not tenured per se, but how does someone fire Kirk Ferentz when he's got a buyout like this? Gene Chizik isn't owed as much, but it won't be easy to make him go Beyonce and take his championship ring to the left.

Unless these programs want to be bad-to-mediocre forever, they've got to move these coaches out. But how can they do so without making themselves broke?

All they need to do is listen to me. Take it from the child of academics -- tenure ain't really "tenure." If someone wants you to leave, they'll make you leave using the most tried-and-true tactic -- driving you crazy enough to quit.

We've got your solution, Hawkeyes and Tigers fans. "Bomani & Jones" will teach you how to drive your coaches crazy enough to quit.

You're welcome.