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North Carolina-North Carolina State: Gio Bernard wins the game on 73 yard punt return touchdown

The North Carolina-NC State rivalry is a heated, yet localized rivalry in football. While it might not draw a lot of national interest, it has had its share of exciting games and today's turned out to be no different. With the game apparently headed to overtime, NC State was forced to punt to the Tar Heels (who were wearing some stylish chrome helmets if I do say so myself). With 0:13 left, rather than safely fielding the punt and heading to overtime, North Carolina's Gio Bernard delivered this 73 yard punt return touchdown to put the Tar Heels up for good.

That wasn't the only dramatic thing that happened at the end of the game, however. The final spread for the game was NC State +7.5. So even though, perhaps, your team lost, if you bet them and they lost by 7 you still won money. Nope. The extra point attempt was bobbled and North Carolina scrambled to score a two-point conversion to make the final score 43-35, prompting this fine Tweet from Beyond The Bets.