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Oregon is already covering the spread

The spread for the Oregon-Colorado game is 47.5. Typically, this is an invitation to bet the underdog -- 48 points is a lot. But this is Oregon, and the Ducks can score in a hurry. So of course they're already covering in the first half.

At the half, Oregon leads Colorado, 56-0. The Ducks started pulling a few of their first-string players late in the first quarter, then subbed out a bunch in the second. After Oregon scored to make it 49-0 -- a 7-yard pass from Marcus Mariota to Daryle Hawkins -- the Ducks starting quarterback headed to the bench for the day. The Ducks' top-two running backs -- Kenjon Barner and De'Anthony Thomas -- were already on the bench.

And so it goes for Oregon and Colorado. If Chip Kelly really wanted, there's little doubt he could hang 100 on Colorado. He doesn't, of course, and it's another week for the Ducks' starters to rest on the bench.

Even still, it wouldn't be surprising if the touchdowns kept coming. We're close to Chip taking knees on first down.