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Georgia-Florida fight leaves one unconscious in water, one arrested

A pregame brawl at Saturday's game between Georgia and Florida left one fan unconscious and face down in a pond. The video below is obviously awful and not safe for work.

According to Jacksonville's Channel 4, it was 21-year-old William Ross Cesery III who was knocked unconscious and subsequently hospitalized in the fight above, with 20-year-old James Colby being arrested:

Police say Colby, 20, told them he intervened in what he thought was going to be a fight between Cesery and another man during the first half of the Georgia-Florida game.

Police say Colby admitted to punching Cesery (pictured, right) several times in the face and head, then pushing Cesery to the ground. According to the report, Colby said Cesery grabbed him by the ankles, and after they both fell in the water, he punched Cesery three times, knocking him out. That's when he said he noticed blood in the water and pulled Cesery out of the water.

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