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Gene Chizik declines comment on reports of NCAA investigating Auburn

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The Auburn Tigers' head coach declined an opportunity to address reports that the NCAA is investigating the program.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

Auburn Tigers head coach Gene Chizik declined to comment Tuesday when asked if the NCAA is investigating the program or if the Tigers have kept two assistants from going on the road to recruit.

In speaking with's Charles Goldberg, Chizik would not delve into the accusations, as he is more focused on trying to turn the Tigers' season around following a 1-7 start,

"I don't have time for all of that. I have one direct focus, and that's my team and my players. I'm not getting into any of that stuff."

The new allegations come from oddsmaker Danny Sheridan, who told the Tuscaloosa Quarterback Club that the NCAA is investigating the program and that two assistants were not on the road recruiting for the school.

According to Goldberg, neither the NCAA or the SEC have asked Auburn to remove any assistants off the road.

Sheridan also claimed that he could provide information on a bagman that allegedly delivered money to former Auburn and Heisman winning quarterback Cam Newton, but was unable to do so. The NCAA investigated Newton's recruitment to the Tigers, but the program was cleared of all wrongdoing.