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Robert Woods injury: USC receiver stumbles to ground after hit in head

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USC's Robert Woods took a hit to the side of his helmet, then had trouble keeping his feet. He immediately went back into the game despite appearing to suffer a head injury.

Star USC receiver Robert Woods took a shot to the side of the head during a punt return in the second quarter against Utah, sprawling on the field before getting back up. But the most uncomfortable moment came further down the field, when the consensus All-American stumbled and staggered into a face plant, then stood up and tried to walk to the wrong sideline.


According to reporters in the press box, Woods was then seen trying to convince USC trainers he's up for returning to the field immediately. The Trojans took the field in Utes territory with Woods back in -- Samantha Steele reported Woods went through a complete concussion test, but is "good to go."

Woods is one of the best players on the nation's most star-studded offense. In 2011, he posted a new Pac-12 record with 111 catches and was named a finalist for the Biletnikoff Award. He entered Thursday night with 203 yards and four touchdowns on the year.

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