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Aaron Murray dealing with loss, father's illness and stupid pranks

Bulldogs QB Aaron Murray has had to deal with a lot of adversity in recent days.

Scott Cunningham - Getty Images

Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murray is not only dealing with his team's loss to South Carolina on Saturday, he's also dealing with the news that his father has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. On top of that, he returned to Athens after the loss to find his rented home had been egged and rolled with toilet paper.

Murray tweeted Sunday that he'd been going through "probably the worst 12 hours" of his life. Murray's father, Denny, is undergoing cancer surgery at Tampa's Moffit Cancer Center on Monday. Aaron Murray drove to Tampa with his brother on Sunday, and on Monday he voiced confidence in his father's recovery, calling Denny the strongest man he knows.

Aaron Murray only learned of his father's diagnosis on Sunday, though apparently the diagnosis had been made several weeks prior.

While Murray deals with his father's health, the Georgia Bulldogs head into a bye week. They will return to the field against the Kentucky Wildcats on Oct. 20.

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