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South Carolina wearing camouflage uniforms for LSU game

If Stanford-Notre Dame overwhelms you with its haughty airs, fear not. South Carolina's wearing camouflage pants into the bayou.

Gamecocks Online

Oklahoma-Texas is the biggest game this week, regardless of what else is going on. But what about after that? No. 3 South Carolina travels to No. 9 LSU, and College GameDay's headed to Stanford-Notre Dame. We should probably pay a lot of attention to that latter one, right? I mean, we're all sick of the SEC, and South Carolina played in the headliner game last week. Let's class it up a little bit.

OH NO WAY TOO MUCH CLASS. Save us from all this class with some camo pants, Gamecocks.

Bill Connelly: Can LSU survive South Carolina?

A sincere thank you.

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