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Derek Dooley likely out of chances at Tennessee, according to reports

Multiple outlets are reporting Derek Dooley will soon be let go as Tennessee's head football coach.

Streeter Lecka

Saturday night, 247 Sports' Wes Rucker framed the question of Derek Dooley's future as Tennessee Volunteers head coach as, "not a question of 'if,' but 'when.'" The Vols dropped a quadruple overtime game to SEC newcomer Missouri earlier in the day, putting bowl eligibility in doubt and making for losses in five of the last six games, including a near-loss against Troy.

Sunday, added that "the final piece of the equation centers on when to formally signal the imminent end" of Dooley's three-year term as Tennessee coach. So, two similar reports from two different outlets, neither surprising, as Dooley's record now stands at 15-20, with no significant big wins, plummeting fan confidence and many, many, many points given up over the past few weeks.

For discussion on the young coach's future, we turn to Rocky Top Talk:

But I also know that when the evidence is in, a decision must be made even if it is difficult. And it pains me to say it, but today is the day that I've seen enough.

Today's last little bit isn't necessarily the loss, although that didn't help. No, it was time management, both as it was demonstrated in this game and as a metaphor for how Derek Dooley has been managing his entire time as head coach at Tennessee. Dooley's clock management at the end of regulation wasn't just a coaching decision with which most fans will disagree, and it wasn't just a questionable decision on the way to a loss. It was the way he views his opportunities.

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