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Kentucky football coaching search: Sonny Dykes, Kirby Smart the latest reported candidates

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Still nothing major on the Bobby Petrino front, but add one name to the Kentucky list and add a check mark beside another.

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Louisiana Tech head coach Sonny Dykes and Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart likely appear among the top "four or five" candidates for the Kentucky Wildcats job, Matt Jones of reports. (There's also some good stuff in there about Bobby Petrino, which still seems unlikely to happen.) The Kentucky gig will become available at the end of the year, as Joker Phillips will not be back.

At this point, we can probably say with confidence that Dykes is on the list. He was previously reported as a candidate by Pat Forde, along with Dirk Koetter, Brent Pease and Neal Brown. Brown, a Texas Tech assistant, might or might not have been contacted by the Cats. Either way, that's a lot of offense in that list of names, and Dykes' LA Tech teams can certainly produce it: the Bulldogs currently top the country in yards per game.

Smart is the first defensive man to be connected with the coaching search. The 2009 assistant coach of the year, he's been mentioned in pretty much every SEC coaching hunt over the past three or four years. For obvious reasons, even though Saban's coaching tree has produced quite mixed results so far.

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