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Texas A&M fan sneaks onto Alabama sideline for entire game (with photos)

The fan of the year competition might have just ended.

Sideline Guy at

Please read the story of Sideline Guy at, who hopped a fence and spent more than three hours roaming the sidelines alongside Johnny Manziel, Kevin Sumlin, Kliff Kingsbury, Gene Stallings, and John David Crow at what might be remembered as the biggest game of the college football regular season:

At halftime I made way towards the locker room (but couldn't gain access). If you recorded the game you will see me running off the field behind Sumlin with :03 left in the half. I also talked with Sumlin for a brief second after he got interviewed with Tracy from CBS. Watched the 2nd half on the Ags sideline.

Sure, sure, sure. You shouldn't do that, and all. Having said that: fan of the year?


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