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Kentucky football: Phillip Fulmer, Gary Anderson reportedly coaching candidates

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Utah State and former Tennessee coach are intriguing candidates as school tries to move on from Joker Phillips.

Tom Lynn

Utah State coach Gary Anderson and former Tennessee coach Phil Fulmer are possible candidates for the Kentucky head coaching job, according to Kyle Tucker of the Louisville Courier-Journal. Anderson has guided Utah State to an 8-2 record this season, after leading the Aggies on a 7-6 campaign in 2011. Fulmer coached at Tennessee for 17 years and compiled a 152-52 record with the Vols. Tennessee won the national championship during his tenure in 1998.

"Some of you won't want to hear this," Tucker wrote, "but Phil Fulmer, although not atop the list, is in play for the UK opening."

Fulmer has had kind words to say about the Kentucky program in recent weeks. More than anything, he seemed convinced of the school's potential to field a competitive SEC football team.

"My feeling on it would be they have great potential, being in the Southeastern Conference and obviously having just a great history in basketball," Fulmer said in early November. "When I brought Tennessee teams in there it was always wild and a tough place to play."

It's unclear how far Kentucky is in its coaching search at the moment. Tucker also wrote that a number of NFL coaching names have appeared on the radar for the job.