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James Franklin declines non-available N.C. State job, says since-hidden report

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Strange things are happening in Vanderbilt's corner of the football internet.

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N.C. State firing Tom O'Brien wouldn't be all that shocking, even though the Wolfpack have a win over the ACC's best team and are in line for a decent bowl. There are already rumors, you see.

N.C. State showing interest in Vanderbilt's James Franklin would also not be shocking, as he (in addition to being an overachieving, exciting SEC coach) has ties to NCSU's athletic director, has ACC experience and is from nearby.

(James Franklin actually cashing out at Vandy for the N.C. State job? Now that would be shocking.)

A story appeared at Thursday morning indicating N.C. State has already contacted Franklin, before firing O'Brien, and that Franklin declined. The story disappeared shortly after, but here's what it looked like:

Since there's been no report of O'Brien's exit, the story does appear to have been put up prematurely. But, still, something to keep an eye out for.

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