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Colorado 'football' is the worst football

Colorado tried to pick up a first down with a sneak, but it already had the first down.


There are some awful games on right now, but Washington-Colorado might be the worst. It took 29 minutes for Washington to take a 7-0 lead, despite Colorado being awful. I mean truly awful in every aspect. If you think your team is bad, just take a look at Colorado. You'll feel better.*

*Void if you're a Washington State fan (like me). Your team lost to Colorado.

The first "highlight" involves Washington punter Travis Coons. It's actually a neat bit of improvisation. He fumbled the snap and kicked the ball left-footed just to get it away. Coons is right-footed.


On the ensuing possession, Colorado upped the derp. It upped the derp to levels that probably cannot be reached again. Watch this play:


Seems like a run-of-the-mill quarterback sneak, right? Except notice that it's first-and-10. On the play before, Colorado just barely got the first down -- it was close, but the chains were moved. But someone -- either the quarterback or Jon Embree or both -- didn't know the Buffs earned a fresh set of downs. So they ran a sneak to pick up a first -- a first that they already had.

All Embree could do was shake his head.


If there's a single thing that sums up Colorado football, it's this play. Everything is awful, and this has to be a new, ridiculous low.