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Stanford catch vs. Oregon: Touchdown or not?

You probably have an opinion on whether this was a catch or not. Let 'er rip!

This throw from Stanford's Kevin Hogan to Zach Ertz was originally ruled out of bounds, but after a review it was called a touchdown. The Cardinal then kicked it through to tie up one of the biggest games of the year, 14-14, and giving Notre Dame, Alabama and Georgia fans visions of crystal.

The question: was this a touchdown? (Very, very nice work by ABC here.)


I saw it very passionately argued both ways, by fans of teams besides Oregon or Stanford. It looks to me like his shoulder lands in bounds as he has clear possession of the ball, and all the rolling around and carrying on that occurs afterward doesn't matter. Once it's a touchdown, it's a touchdown. Satisfactory call by the refs in a tough spot, as far as I'm concerned.

What do you think?

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