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Rutgers to follow Maryland into Big Ten, according to report

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As expected, Rutgers will reportedly announce on Tuesday that it'll leave the Big East for the Big Ten, which would give the conference 14 members in 2014.

Joe Robbins

The Big Ten's borders will soon span Nebraska to New Jersey, with Rutgers reportedly announcing on Tuesday that it, like Maryland, will accept entry into the conference. Rutgers was a founding member of the Big East, as Maryland was of the ACC. As for how Rutgers' decision happened so quickly, there's not much bureaucracy in the way there.

The Terps will announce their move Monday afternoon, and will join in 2014. Assume Rutgers will do the same.

How do Knights fans feel about this? Let's turn to On the Banks, which likes the money but laments the lost tradition:

Rutgers fans really should not have any ill will or animus towards Big East football, just like we all wished West Virginia, Pittsburgh, and even Syracuse well when they got out of this hellhole. I wish those guys all of the best, old teams and new. Louisville deserves to land on their feet, maybe Maryland will, but either way I love all you guys to death regardless of what happens and will always root for them to succeed. There is no joy, none, in playing midwestern football instead of our regional rivals. This is solely, absolutely, and 100% for the money.

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