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Texas player 'feels sorry' for Texas A&M missing out on Thanksgiving rivalry

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You can just come out and say, "We miss Texas A&M," Texas. It's okay.

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Texas is replacing Texas A&M, which left for the SEC, with TCU as its annual Thanksgiving Day rival. Thus:

This is all in good fun, but a few things for any Longhorns fans who might feel the urge to take a harmless little rival poke and really run with it:

  • Texas has played three games exclusively on the Longhorn Network, which nobody watched.
  • Its most-watched game was another blowout loss to Oklahoma.
  • Texas A&M's most-watched game was a win in Tuscaloosa.
  • A&M is about to tie Texas in all-time Heisman trophies.
  • A&M is ranked seven spots higher in the BCS than Texas is.
  • A&M has played five ranked teams, including three in the current top 10.
  • Texas has played three ranked teams, including none of the current top 10.
  • A&M has a SEC game and legit Sugar Bowl hopes on the line this week.

Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrobably not the best time to talk trash about big-time games. Just in case anybody was thinking about doing that.

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