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Big Ten's reported new divisional arrangement: Maryland and Rutgers in Leaders, Illinois moved

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Yeah, but that title doesn't really tell us a whole lot about who ends up where. Nobody knows which division is which. And what about protected rivalry games?

Jonathan Daniel

Update: Jim Delany denies the new alignment is set.

New divisional alignments for the Big Ten have reportedly been established, and no, they did not change those awful names. Maryland and Rutgers will join in 2014 and take their places in the Leaders division, which we can think of as the East division if that makes it easier (that makes it so much easier), while Illinois will slide on over to the West division, which is technically known as the Legends.

East (Leaders) West (Legends)

Indiana Illinois

Maryland Iowa

Ohio State Michigan

Penn State Michigan State

Purdue Minnesota

Rutgers Nebraska

Wisconsin Northwestern

Protected annual rivalries will obviously be affected somewhat. Cannot wait to see what will be concocted for Maryland and Rutgers there -- Michigan takes Ohio State and Minnesota takes Wisconsin, but the others could be taken or left accordingly.

Maybe Maryland-Northwestern (the Under Armour Bowl -- imagine the hideous trophy! WE MUST PROTECT THIS PROTECTED RIVALRY) and Rutgers-Michigan State (their mascots don't wear sleeves, I think!)? Hoo man.

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