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Tennessee's Deion Bonner suspected in phone theft, according to report

Tennessee defensive back Deion Bonner is again a suspect in an on-campus theft case.


Tennessee Volunteers freshman defender Deion Bonner is in hot water again and could be building a reputation for having sticky fingers. Bonner is a suspect in a phone theft on Tennessee's campus, according to Tennessee beat writer and radio host Wes Rucker.

Tennessee has declined to make a statement yet on the matter.

In April of 2011, Bonner was one of three recruits arrested at the University of Georgia after seven Georgia football players reported electronics like iPods and iPhones missing from their lockers. While some of them were recovered and returned to the players, Bonner and company moved quickly enough to sell the iPhones before being caught.

He was caught, in part, because of tweets that said "uga today" followed by "wanna sell this ipod" on the day of the theft.

Bonner, a 5'11" defensive back from Columbus, Georgia, has had limited playing time in all eight of Tennessee's games this season.