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Virginia Tech AD denies he expressed interest in SEC membership

With Maryland leaving the ACC, Virginia Tech could have some interest in switching conferences in the future, athletic director Jim Weaver reportedly said. However, Weaver's denied that characterization of his remarks.


Update: Weaver says his quote was "misrepresented" and that "there's nothing happening."

In the midst of another round of college conference realignment, Virginia Tech Hokies athletic director Jim Weaver seems to have revealed there could be interest in Blacksburg in joining the SEC some time in the future, which would stand in contrast to his repeated denials in the past. Weaver's comments were first reported by Fox Sports Radio's Kyle Bailey via his Twitter account late Tuesday.

Also, from earlier in the day:

The apparent interest comes in the wake of the ACC's loss of the Maryland Terrapins. The Terrapins are leaving the ACC in favor of the Big Ten, which also accepted the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, which are leaving the Big East conference in favor of the now 14-team conference.

Virginia Tech joined the ACC in 2004 after long-time membership in the Big East. The Hokies have won four ACC football championships and five Coastal Division crowns in their time in the conference. The men's basketball team also made the NCAA tournament in 2007.

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