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Jesse Palmer apologizes for demonstrating Horns Down taunt

Thanksgiving got awkward.

John E. Hoover

Mack Brown doesn't like it that opponents get to tweak Texas's traditional hand salute by displaying the Hook 'Em Horns sign upside-down. Early in the TCU-Texas broadcast Thursday night, ESPN's Jesse Palmer showed off what the sign looks like when turned into a taunt. Two quarters later, he apologized and offered a conciliatory, "Hook 'Em."

Everybody was unhappy about this:

And there was way, way more than that. I dunno if we should assume that because ESPN has a relationship with Texas that's unlike the relationship it has with every other school in the country, this apology was forced from on high. However ... is that the perception risk you take when you set up a special network that pumps money into just one team while also covering every other team?

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