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Bill O'Brien didn't mean to cuss on TV (but he is the coach of the year)

There's not a coach in the country who's done a better job than Penn State's Bill O'Brien this year. There also might not be one who's accidentally outcussed him.


Did Bill O'Brien say, "They're a bunch of fighters," here? Well, he probably meant to -- note that he followed it with, "They fight hard." But that's not how it came out -- the nation's ears heard something else entirely.

O'Brien has not made many mistakes this year, and if he has to add the FCC to the list of acronym organizations that stand in opposition of Penn State football achieving things, that shouldn't prove to be any serious obstacle.

After beating Wisconsin, Penn State is a quite astounding 8-4 despite having its roster picked through and an offseason of massive distractions.

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