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Georgia vs. Alabama: Bacarri Rambo says Dawgs 'more talented' than Tide

We've got a full week of SEC Championship buildup, and we've already got the quote that's going to be ridden into the ground before and after the game.

Scott Cunningham

Alabama ranks No. 1 in the country in both scoring defense and total defense. Georgia doesn't rank far behind. While each side also has an offense capable of putting up points, the story of the game will be defense vs. defense. And just in case it wasn't going to be, UGA safety Bacarri Rambo has seen to it.

From a visit with ESPN Radio:

I feel like we are more talented. We have better players at each position, across the board, especially on defense. It's gonna be a great challenge, I know it's gonna be a great battle. It's gonna come down to who has the best defense. It's gonna come down to who make more turnovers. It's gonna be a battle of the defenses.

It's actually not as outlandish a claim as it might appear to be (other than, you know, the ill-advisedness of giving Nick Saban something so potent to work with). Nothing wrong with a little confidence! Or so they say.

The Dawgs have recruited just a step behind Alabama over the past few years and do likely field the most talented defense in the country, so long as we're clear on what "talented" means. Talent that hasn't always equated to results, of course. Jarvis Jones, Alec Ogletree, Rambo and John Jenkins are just a few of the highly recruited UGA defenders expected to make a mark in the NFL.

But ... yep. Here we go. A quote like that from a player who got to see just how much juice his teammates got from a Missouri player's "old man football" line?

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