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Tom O'Brien fired as N.C. State football coach

N.C. State has announced the termination of football coach Tom O'Brien.

Mike Ehrmann

Head football coach Tom O'Brien will not be back at N.C. State. He leaves with a 40-35 record, going 7-5 in 2012, including an upset win over Florida State. Offensive coordinator Dana Bible will take over for bowl season.

As for the Wolfpack fan reaction, do not expect to hear many of them expressing shock or remorse about his exit, but this move is certainly not the safe one, to say the least:

Coaching carousel tracker || N.C. State fans crazy to want change?

As for replacements, dial those James Franklin rumors back up. The Vanderbilt coach, who's taking Vandy to back-to-back bowls for the first time ever, has ties to N.C. State's athletic director and had at one point reportedly been approached about the job already.

O'Brien drew frequent criticism for his conservative preferences -- if the program is looking to go in a different direction, it must think bold. Know any really bold coaches besides Franklin?

There's also this:

The ACC's bowl picture just got even weirder. N.C. State looked to be the conference's third-best choice and a potential Russell Athletic bid, but now that they'll enter bowl season with an interim coach, Virginia Tech or Duke could wind up with a ridiculously favorable bowl trip.

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