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Gary Pinkel rumors just seem like rumors, so far

There's apparently a rumor that Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel could be on the way out. There sure is!

Kelly Lambert

The Missouri Tigers went a deflating 5-7 in their first year in the SEC, dealing with injuries en masse for the second straight year. Coach Gary Pinkel has been at Mizzou for a long time (11 seasons now), so it makes sense his status would spark a little bit of speculation.

For the time being, though, an apparently rampant rumor that Pinkel will step down next week appears to be nothing but speculation, based on the reporting of some informed gentlemen:

Pinkel could indeed be on the hot seat next year, and there's no reason he couldn't walk away right now. But at this point, there's nothing solid to go on that would lead us to conclude he's leaving.

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