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Will Muschamp to Nick Saban on Sugar Bowl bid: 'Be careful what you ask for'

The loser of the SEC Championship game will not go to the Sugar Bowl. It'll instead award Florida, which did not win its division, while the Alabama-Georgia loser will likely head to the Capital One Bowl.

Mike Ehrmann

Nick Saban on Florida, not the SEC Championship loser, getting into the Sugar Bowl (SABAN'S SHOWING COMPASSION FOR THAT GEORGIA TEAM HE'S BOUT TO VANQUISH, PAWWWWWWWL):

"It's not really a great scenario for either team," he said on a teleconference Sunday. "You play your way into the championship game, which means you're the best team in your division. It doesn't seem quite right. I don't feel good about it for our football team or their football team."

Will Muschamp in response:

"Well, I can switch and go to Atlanta," Muschamp said when asked about Saban's remark Monday. "If he doesn't want to go to Atlanta and play the `Dogs. Be careful what you ask for, Nick."

Florida's likely guaranteed to earn a BCS spot, as they already rank No. 3 before either Georgia or Alabama loses. And with the Sugar getting to pick first (since the SEC title winner will move on to the BCS championship), the Gators are an almost certain bet to land in New Orleans.

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